I called myself Aska Knives and it suits me better than my own name and you can call me that. Since 2016 I’ve been hobbyist in knifemaking – hand making knives. My history
is very similar to histories of many other people who make knives. They have fascinated me since childhood. Like many people born in the 1970s and 1980s, I had my own sheath knife (I still have it today). I was stealing knives from my parents’ kitchen 🙂 but I wouldn’t think back then that I could make a knive myself.

 Inspiration hit me in 2015 when a fellow hunter showed me a knife made by one of the Polish knifemakers – a dream knife! I also wanted to have one like that, so I started to
interest in the topic: where can you buy one? who makes it? how? of which? etc. Somehow it turned out that instead of a knife I bought materials to do it. After a while, I made my first knife – or rather I more framed the bought blade. Then there were more. I finally bought some more tools, I began to draw designs of blades, knives. After some time I made my first from-start-to-finish knife and so I fell … into the abyss of the knife world!

All knives made by me arise from passion. I treat it as a hobby. I want to leave behind tools that will serve someone for many years. Of course, you need to take care of every knife and this is something I always require from potential owners. Due to the fact that I am a hunter, I make many hunting knives – I know well the need to have a good, sharp knife in hunting ground! But I also make knives for other needs and purposes – bushcraft, survival, EDC etc.

I do not have my own smithies (yet!)), so I buy dedicated steels – flat bars for production knives. I most often use D2 (K110) and M390 steel, but you can also find knives made with NC 6, NCV 1, N690 as well as knives (most often to order) of branded damascus steel (Damasteel, Balbach) or wootz from Polish and foreign blacksmiths. To make the handle I usually use wood – often stabilized, antler, horns, brass, new silver, as well as synthetic materials – G 10, Juma, “honeycomb” . I do not close myself to the form and materials, I like to experiment and search new solutions while maintaining the functionality and purpose of the knife.

Knifemaking has become a pleasure for me, a way to spend my free time. To be able to finance it and to bring new ideas to life, I sell my works.

I invite you to browse the site as well as my facebook profile at https://www.facebook.com/aska.knives.1 where I’m presenting my knives too.
If you have any questions, write.